I have (a) ticket(s) for one of the shows in 2020. When will my ticket be valid next year?

Your ticket(s) will remain valid for your designated show date. Please check your date below:

WED 20 MAY 2020 >> THU 20 MAY 2021
THU 21 MAY 2020 >> SUN 23 MAY 2021
FRI 22 MAY 2020 >> FRI 21 MAY 2021
SAT 23 MAY 2020 ALL AGES >> SAT 22 MAY 2021 ALL AGES
SAT 23 MAY 2020 >> SAT 22 MAY 2021

I want to visit the show next year. Do I need to do anything?

First of all, thank you for postponing your This Is Me / This Is Blah Blah Blah visit and holding on to your ticket! No further action is required of you, you do not need to confirm with us that your coming. Simply make sure to safely store your current tickets away and bring them to your designated show date next year!

Can I get a refund for my ticket?

Yes, it is possible to request a refund, if you are unable to join us on the new date in 2021. How you request the refund, depends on where you bought your tickets.

I BOUGHT MY TICKETS VIA THE OFFICIAL CHANNEL (this website; thisisme.arminvanbuuren.com/tickets)
You can request a refund from Wednesday 20 May 2020 until Wednesday 17 June 2020 via the Paylogic Refund Tool. By Dutch regulation, you will get the ticket price transferred one month after the date of the rescheduled event (June 2021) to the payment method you chose during check-out. 

You can request a refund by contacting Festicket’s customer service, via support.festicket.com.

I BOUGHT MY TICKETS VIA EVENT TRAVEL (bustickets and/or combi-tickets)
You can request a refund by contacting Event Travel’s customer service, via info@eventtravel.com

Unfortunately, it is not possible to request a refund if you have bought your tickets via a reseller. We cannot offer support for private reselling including TicketSwap.

When will I receive my refund?

You will receive your refund no later than one month after the rescheduled event date, in accordance to Dutch regulation.

Where will I receive my refund?

The ticket price will be credited to the payment method you chose during check-out. Depending on the policy of the respective ticket platform, fees and payment costs might be credited as well.

I bought my tickets with friends. Can the refund be split?

The payment of the refund is only possible to the person who bought the tickets. if another person bought the ticket for you, please get in touch.

Can I refund a part of my order?

Unfortunately, it is only possible to do a full refund of your whole order. This means that all tickets within your order will be refunded. We are unable to refund only a few tickets out of one order.

In those cases, we would advise to either resell the tickets of those that are unable to join in 2021 via TicketSwap or to buy new tickets for those who are able to join and request a full refund.

I want to attend a show in 2021, but not on the respective date.

In case you would prefer extra tickets or another date, we offered everybody to register for our waitlist before 19 May 2020. As soon as tickets become available, registrants will receive an email about this.

If you did not manage to register for our waitlist, you can always try TicketSwap.

What happens to my booked flights and hotel?

If you booked a Hotel Package via Festicket, please contact Festicket Customer care via this link. If you booked flights, please contact your airline company. If you booked an overnight stay in Amsterdam by yourself, please contact the designated hotel.