This is Me

You live, you learn.

That’s what we all do, it unites us as human beings. Especially the last two years I have come to understand what is truly valuable: the need to stay true to myself and closely connected to my friends and fans. I fulfill many rolls in life. I am not just a DJ and producer but also a father, a husband, a son and a passionate radio host. All of these elements together make me who I am.  

I want to always remember that and focus on living in the here and now and be truly free in what I do musically. There will be no more templates and no more concessions. Just pure freedom, spiritually and creatively. Do and create what I want, what makes me happy. And hoping you like it too.  

I want to take your hands and raise ’em to the sky like there’s no tomorrow. I wanna come together and feel again. I’m Armin van Buuren, and This Is Me.